Founded in 2013, Olssonberger serves as a top-quality photography solution for clients worldwide but we are located in Stockholm Sweden. Although the vast majority of our work happens on location, we’re willing to travel to any places you need be. Let us know what your vision is, and we’ll make it happen. We have a solution that’s right for you at a price that will fit your budget.


Professional Photography Services

From Portrait to Interior Design, here at Olssonberger we are photographers who specialize in capturing the priceless moments that make up your life. Our team has a diverse and accomplished skillset to meet your needs for years to come. There is no such thing as an event or experience too small for us to shoot. We believe getting to know you is a vital part of the artistic process, which helps us capture you and what you love best.

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Portrait Shoots

Olssonberger has  the talent and expertise to capture the magical moments of life. Each client is looking for a unique experience, and we aim to discover what their preferences are from the start.

Nature Shoots

Nature is my biggest passion in photography. It was here all started it was in nature I fell in love. We do shooting for magazines, posters or if you need digital prints.Of course you decide what and were you want this. All my work that not is commercial is available for prints so just sen us an email of your request and we fix that in our printshop.

Interior Design

After years of dedication to the world of photography, we’re expanding our services. With our attention to detail and a personalized approach, you’re going to love how your new photographs turn out. If you’re interested in booking this service, please check our calendar for availability and give us a call.

Wedding Collection

We are in the business of creating memories, and we want to make sure yours are truly magical. When you book this session, we’ll make sure it’s personalized and custom designed to fit your needs and tastes. If this is the service you’re looking for, check out our rates and get in touch to book an initial consultation.

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